Special Programs

In addition to our regular dance and music classes, we also offer some specialty education programs across British Columbia and the Lower Mainland, ranging from Elementary Schools to Summer Camps to Simon Fraser University.

High School Credit Bhangra Classes

South Asian Arts is working in conjunction with iLearn BC to offer high school students the opportunity to earn High School level credits for Bhangra and Dhol courses. iLearn BC is a grade 8 to 12 Ministry-approved school that opened its doors in September 2010. The school offers students creative instruction and a variety of delivery mediums to meet the individualized educational needs of students, with a main focus in innovation and creativity through the use of technology. The school has grown very quickly with many students enrolling in the program as full-time learners to take advantage of the great programs offered. Students learn in a way that meets their busy timetable and academic needs.

For more information on fees and registration, please contact us.

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SFU FPA 120 - Introduction to Contemporary Popular Dance Forms
Modern and Traditional Bhangra

In September 2010 during the Fall semester at Simon Fraser University, South Asian Arts offered the first ever University accredited Bhangra course in North America. Due to it’s success, instructors Gurpreet Sian and Raakhi Sinha taught the course again the following semester in Spring 2011. A total of nearly 100 students took a step (literally) into the crazy and exciting world of Bhangra! Bhangra! Bhangra!

This course provides an introduction to the popular Indian dance form, Bhangra. Students learn and perform modern and traditional choreography to Punjabi music. The class learns a corpus of movements that Bhangra improvisation and choreography are based upon, with an emphasis on North American style modern Bhangra, trends, variations, charisma, facial expression and lyrical dance. Students present projects that demonstrate the use of traditional and modern Bhangra movements in their own sequences and participate in a large group performance with the class.

Check www.sfu.ca for information on when the course will be offered next!

Here's a video of Flash Mob performance the Spring 2011 class did at a Canuck's game as their final assignment

FPA 120 Flash Mob

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ArtStarts in Schools Touring Program

South Asian Arts aims to broaden cultural understanding and keep South Asian culture and traditions alive through its dance and music. The workshop performers are Gurpreet Sian, who has been playing the Dhol drum and dancing Bhangra for over 10 years; Raakhi Sinha, who has over 15 years experience as a Bharat Natyam and Gujurati folk dancer; and Rayman Bhuller, who is an accomplished musician with over 20 years of experience in Dhol. The three were also members of VIBE, a very successful competitive Bhangra team that travelled across North America winning many of the competitions they entered. They have presented numerous workshops from their Vancouver studio as well as at Folk and Children’s festivals across the Lower Mainland. Gurpreet and Raakhi performed with Russell Peters at the 2009 JUNO Awards in Vancouver and all three artists participated in multiple events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

School Program/Presentation: South Asian Arts’ hands-on dance and drumming workshop centres on the hard-hitting beats and energy found in the Northern Indian dance style called Bhangra. Each and every student at the school will learn age-appropriate dancing and some will be given the opportunity to play the Dhol drum and other accompanying instruments. Through music and dance, South Asian Arts believes students will build their understanding and appreciation for art and culture, as well as gain self-confidence and self-discipline in a fun and interactive atmosphere.


  • Category: Interdisciplinary
  • Home Base: Vancouver
  • Title/Format: Workshop
  • Duration: Half-Day (split into multiple 35-40 minute workshops)
  • Languages: English, Punjabi
  • Grade Suitability: Primary to Secondary
  • Number In Group: 2
  • Venue Type: Gym
  • Capacity: Approximately 125 students per session (total # of sessions depends on population of school). Each session should consist of students in similar grades
  • Technical Requirements: Microphone/P.A. System, CD Player
  • School Fee Range: $680–$830
  • Grants Available: AIE 60%

To book South Asian Arts for your school you may simply contact bookings@artstarts.com or contact us directly at info@southasianarts.ca

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Bhangra & Bollywood Summer Dance Camps

For the first time ever, in August 2011 we partnered with Shiamak’s Indo-Jazz to present a specialized set of Summer Dance Camps in both Vancouver and Surrey. We blended the hard-hitting Dhol beats of Bhangra with Shiamak Davar’s very own contemporary style of Indo-Jazz into one fun, high-energy Dance Camp. It was the perfect way to keep kids in shape and away from the TV and computer.

Each class is 3 hours in length, with 90 minutes of Bhangra and 90 minutes of Indo-Jazz. These camps are designed for children ages 7–12.

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Camp Dosti

Since the summer of 2005, this exciting cultural camp has been leaving lasting summer memories for those who have participated. For a full month, student’s ages 5-13 learn about South Asian culture through the instruction of various sports and arts such as Bhangra dance, music, theatre, and arts & crafts. In accordance to BC academic standards, children also learn math, science, social studies, creative writing with proper grammar and story telling. A special program called Life Skills deals with issues such as environmental consciousness, conflict resolution, cultural bridging, communication, and nutrition.

In addition, we encourage hands on and visual learning with field trips and an awards ceremony and gala at the end of the camp to highlight achievements of campers and showcase their art projects!

Both organizations believe a healthy balance between academics and extra-curricular, physical activities is key in the wellness of children in both body and in mind.

Watch out for Camp Dosti next year!

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