Dance & Music Classes

We offer a variety of different classes at South Asian Arts. Listed below are the classes we are currently offering. Be sure to check back regularly as we routinely add more to the list! All classes require a minimum 4 month registration. Family discounts are available. Private dance and music classes are also available upon request and we also book performances for private events. Please call 778.706.6224 or email for more information.

Dance Classes


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 7 & up

Bhangra is a very lively form of folk music and dance that originated in the Punjab region of India. While Bhangra began as a part of harvest festival celebrations, it eventually became a part of such diverse occasions as weddings and New Year celebrations. During the last thirty years, Bhangra has surged in popularity worldwide, both in a traditional form and as a fusion with genres such as hip-hop, house, and reggae. As Bhangra continues to move into mainstream culture, we hope to take you there with it through our Bhangra program.


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 7 & up

Gidha is another popular folk dance of Punjab. Although men do Gidha in some regions of Punjab, it is primarily performed by women. It is just as energetic as Bhangra while creatively displaying feminine grace and elegance. Girls or women generally clap their hands and sing small, humourous couplets called Boliyan. The clapping is a prominent feature of this very colourful and energetic dance form.


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 7 & up

Kathak is a classical Indian dance form originating in Northern India. Classes will begin with an intensive warm-up, with an emphasis on maintaining the body as an instrument of dance. Time will be spent on learning the appropriate Kathak posture. Students will also learn Taal (rhythmic cycles), Thaat (stance), Tukras (dance bound by rhythm cycles), and Thatkar (footwork). A history of Kathak will also be learned. Students will be required to take notes of all theory portions of the dance and there will be homework. A current knowledge of Kathak is always stressed, but no experience is necessary. Students will be graded on homework, theory and practical exams at the end of each semester. A minimum of 65% is required for promotion to the next level of Kathak.

Party Dancing

1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 16 & up

Whether it’s at a family wedding, a friend’s birthday, or an anniversary party, do you ever feel too shy or self conscious to step out on the dance floor? Or if you already love to dance, do you feel that you could brush up on your skills a little bit? Well, you're not alone. Due to incredible demand, we're starting a completely new class to bring out the dancer in you. With a combination of Bhangra, Gidha, and Bollywood dance moves, learn a repertoire of simple and interactive steps that will get you through any party with confidence! Walk away learning short routines to the latest songs, ready for you to take to the floor. Each class begins with a warm-up, ends with a cool-down, and is full of fun, fun, and even MORE fun!!!


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 16 & up

Are you ready to dance yourself into shape while trying something completely different? Then Zumba is for you! Zumba is an easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance party that will guide you to better health and fitness. It blends the hottest international music with some sexy dance steps that will leave you craving more. Over 14 million people around the world love to Zumba and you could be next! Sign up for our Zumba class, which also features Bollywood and Bhangra beats and dance steps. What are you waiting for?

Competitive Bhangra

Contact Us for more details.

If you're an experienced Bhangra dancer and you're looking for something beyond classes, then you may want to consider our competitive Bhangra team called P.A.N.J. (Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi). The practice schedule can be gruelling and the choreography is challenging, but you'll have an opportunity to travel across North America going head-to-head with the best Bhangra teams in the continent, all while making life-long friendships along the way. Try-outs are held regularly and having fun is always the main goal, but we like to win just as much as the next guy. It's thanks to hard work and dedication that we've been ranked the 4th best Bhangra team across North America for the past two years!

Music Classes

**NOTE: Instruments are available for rent at a charge of $50/semester PLUS damage deposit (damage deposit varies depending on instrument).


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 8 & up

A Dhol is a traditional North Indian percussion instrument made from wood and it is played with two sticks called a 'dagga' and a 'tilli'. The farmers of the Northern Indian regions would traditionally celebrate a good harvest by dancing and singing songs to the beat of the Dhol. Students will learn the basic techniques of playing the Dhol, as well as the vocabulary required for reading different beats. Classes are led by Rayman Bhullar and Gurpreet Sian.


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 8 & up

The tabla is a widely popular South Asian percussion instrument used in Indian classical, popular and religious music. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums, each of a different size and shape. Students will gain a proper foundation in playing this instrument, including Tabla stroke technique, recitation of Bols (the spoken language of the Tabla), Taal (Indian rhythms) and a bit of theory as well. Classes are lead by master musician, Mohamed Assani.


1 hour per week // Beginner to advanced levels // Ages 8 & up

The Sitar is a stringed instrument consisting of both plucked strings and resonance strings. Since the Middle Ages, it has been predominantly used in classical Indian music. The resonance strings, a long hollow neck and a large resonating chamber create the Sitar’s unique, resonating sound. Sitar students will gain a proper foundation in playing this instrument, including basic instrumental techniques, taal & raag (rhythm & melody) and a bit of theory & history too.