About Us

Who We Are

South Asian Arts was co-founded by Gurpreet Sian and Raakhi Sinha in 2005 with an aim to balance the lives of children and adults and develop their individuality through the arts, creating a passion for life. Since then, we have been active in promoting South Asian dance, music, and culture via dance & music classes, professional performances & workshops, guest lectures, as well as children’s cultural summer camps. We have travelled across British Columbia and taught over 30,000 students in both Elementary and Secondary schools.

In September 2010 and again in January 2011, we offered the first University accredited Bhangra dance class in North America at Simon Fraser University. The course received an overwhelmingly positive response with nearly 50 students registered for each semester. Beginning in February 2012, we will also be offering accredited High School level courses in South Asian dance and music, another first!

The title of “producer” has also become part of our arsenal in presenting comedic plays, musicals, and dance dramas. Over the past six years, we've partnered with some amazing organizations including New Works, the PuSh Festival, neworldtheatre, and the Cultural Olympiad just to name a few. In 2009, we wrote, created, and produced an outdoor, interactive, dance & live music play called Bollywood Wedding, which was awarded the "Best Outdoor Interactive Theatre Events of 2009" by the Georgia Straight.

With prestigious South Asian dance and music performances ranging from the 2009 Juno Awards to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, we’ve firmly established ourselves as a premier organization successfully promoting the rich cultural diversity of British Columbian artists to widespread audiences. We are committed to artistic excellence through innovation and creativity.

Our Mandate

To create performance and educational opportunities for professional and amateur artists and build artistic forums that act as a platform for building knowledge of South Asian culture and to create bridges with western culture and highlight the similarities and differences via New Projects; New Ideas; New Collaborations.

Art is the passion that drives ambition and success. From the art of academics to the art of music and dance, we believe it is necessary to have balance in our lives and find our individuality through the arts. We help our students learn discipline, the importance of completion, and proper technique through practice and feedback. Our programs are designed to have fun, while learning from qualified, proven instructors. The arts of South Asia are rich in culture. The music and dance go hand in hand to recreate the rituals of our ancestors, keeping our culture and tradition alive through disciplined art.